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What is a solar electric or photovoltaic system?

Solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) systems use the sun's energy to make electricity. PV technology produces direct current electricity by collecting electrons freed by the interaction between sunlight and the semiconductor materials in a PV cell.

Why should I consider buying a PV system?

A PV system reduces or eliminates the amount of electricity you purchase from your utility or electric service provider. A PV system can act as a hedge against future price increases. The electricity generated by your PV system is clean, renewable and reliable.

Do I have a good site for PV?

Your site must be clear from any obstructions to the sun such as: buildings, trees or other vegetation should not shade your modules. South-facing roof exposure is best, but roofs facing east and west will still work. If a rooftop is not available, your PV system can also be mounted on the ground.

How much mounting space do I need?

A small PV system can use as little as 50 square feet. A larger system, to meet the needs of a typical household, would use between 300 to 600 square feet. As a rule of thumb, 100 square feet of PV panels produces about one kilowatt of electricity.

What should the size of my PV system be?

You can match the size of your system to your electricity needs and budget. If your usage is typical of the average household, a system in the 3 to 4 kilowatt (kW) range would be adequate to meet most of your electricity needs. To estimate the best system size for your home or business, examine your electricity bills for the last 12 months and apply this easy formula. A system with a capacity of 1 kW can produce about 1750 kWh per year. Divide your annual electricity usage (in kWh per year) by 1750 kWh to get the system size (capacity in kilowatts) that would meet most of your electricity needs. If you want your PV system to meet half of your electricity needs, then you should size it to meet half of your annual electrical usage. Or you can offset only a small portion of your electricity bill with a single PV panel. If you size your system larger than your average electricity needs, for example to meet your highest electricity needs on summer afternoons, your system would generate more electricity than you could use during the rest of the year.

Are there any financing programs available?

The best way to finance a PV system for your home is through a mortgage loan that includes a primary mortgage, second mortgage or home equity loan secured by your property. We offer a finance program from Clean Power Finance. Also, here is a list of companies that finance PV systems and can be found on the Consumer Energy Center website at

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